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Good week.  Good stuff.  Great actors.  We’ve covered a LOT of ground.  Now comes the fun start.   But like operating any plow we’re still going to have to tear up the soil a bit, even if we did just smooth it out, it was so we could tear it up lay down seeds and run over it again.  Water it, then weed it, then . . . Ok we’ve run that analogy into the ground.   Either I’ve corrected my own course well or Joe and Curtis have altered their expectations of me.  Probably a bit of both.  Suzie (Stage Managing) is a Godsend.  I write a miserable note on my highschool composition book I picked up from the 99 cent only store and refer to some obscure line and she can call out what page it’s on before i even finish my thought.  Maybe my thoughts are too long-winded.  Well, we forge ahead.

Looking forward to how this all comes out in the end.

Well, the read thru went very well thank you much.  Then, the next night, we started in on ACT I.  Slight problem: I got more involved.  Kinda like a three-year old with a puppy I tried to play it to death.   Or trying to swan dive into the kiddie pool.  The actors were superb and listened and did their best to play along as if I actually knew what I was doing.  In a sense I did.  In a sense I know these characters like an old lover and I was visiting a pair of prostitutes trying to turn them into the girls who got away.  There is a dance and no matter how much you may want to lead you just can’t dance a tango while the orchestra it tuning up.

That aside we got quite a bit of work done.  We laid out some skeletal blocking.  And I believe we did establish some baseline for the characters.

In my defense it was my hope that, rather than force feeding character upon the actors and by doing so limiting them to the straitjackets I was fitting them for, that my input would offer them a springboard from which they could safely jump off from.  We were at an airport, on that I think we can all agree.  And while we were all staring at the runway, where  I thought I was showing my pilots where their flight plans might take off from, they were hearing me tell them where to land.

I think the biggest problem is you need to take the plane out of the hanger before you fire up all the engines.

So, we’ll return to taxiing on Monday.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason.  It is our job to figure out what that reason is.

Okay, this is why I hate bloggers and Facebook.  To read their trivial crap, about their trivial day in a world of “who the – – – – cares?”  So, humor me.  Tonight I was leaving ten, fifteen minutes early for our first readthru.  Little did I know it wouldn’t make a difference.  However, I didn’t leave early because as I was walking through the living room to leave ‘Naddie’, my son’s dog, decided to pee on the living room sofa.  So, needless to say I stripped the cover off the cushion and put my son to work to clean the cushion itself.  He decided to try to soak it out and the ring out the cushion and leave it out to let it dry.  So . . . I left on time.  I had an easy thirty minutes to make a twenty minute drive so I’m fine.  Until I hit the free way of wall to wall carpeting at a sporadic 0 to 3 miles an hour.  It seems a trash truck met with an RV and nobody was moving.  Meanwhile I don’t have anybody’s number in my phone because I was using a backup cell phone while I was waiting for a new charger I’d ordered online so I could keep using my regular phone who’s charger was “not available in any store near you”.  Now, it only goes to understand that my car wants to overheat.  It loves to overheat.  And to make a long story . . . yeah, well, it overheated.  Twice.  The second time it wouldn’t start up again. Meanwhile we  cancelled the rehearsal that was supposed to be our read thru since one of the actors (in a cast of two) was also lost in the traffic tie up and my car wasn’t moving anywhere.  Luckily people called me since I had no numbers by which to call them.  I did however have my Triple A card.  However due to a computer screw up the triple A account was now in my wife’s name and not mine.  My wife could not be reached.  Triple A had my balls in a vice about getting any help but thank God a policeman came by and gave me the jump my car needed to get back on the road again.  “To hell with you triple A”.  Although the personnel at Triple A were very nice and understanding, their policies were less so. But as I said we were able to avoid them.  I drove home as it started to rain.  The drying couch cushion outside is now a giant sponge.  And how was your day?

As I said I believe everything happens for a reason.  Unfortunately I also think that reason could be, “just that God thinks it’s funny.”  We will start again Wednesday.   Which is the day they pick up the trash on my street.

OK, I promised to post something and although nobody’s reading these yet I need to be true to my mission here.   Our first pre-production meeting went well.  We ironed out the rehearsal schedule and who will be doing what.  Having the show precast always helps (when you have the right actors and Joe and Curtis will be the right actors).  Music selections (pre show, intermission etc.) still has to be ironed out as well as what the rehearsal space is going to look like but it’s coming together.  Press releases should be going out soon so keep your fingers crossed.  Well, read thru is Monday.  We’ll know better how things look after that.