VIDEOs (well, the first 10 pgs, anyway)

Do you have seven minutes?
Then you can see the first ten pages of DIRECTING HAMLET.

It’s pretty standard fare for those considering new scripts to ask to see the first ten pages.  Well, here’s a way to make everybody happy.  Sit back and relax because the first ten pages of DIRECTING HAMLET is now on YouTube.  Fresh from its first workshop production, directed by the author and starring the talents of Curtis Cline and Joe Boles.  So go ahead click the link below and watch the first ten pages for yourself.

Send it on to any and all theatre personnel you know and let’s get the show up on the boards where it belongs.  For more information on reading the full script, to arrange a reading or mount the next production, contact the author, Michael Perlmutter at or through the website

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