RANDOM ACTS is a psychological drama in two acts.random lives logo

4m, 4f, 1 set

            RANDOM LIVES  is a two act play that examines our preconceptions of time, normalcy and our ideology of psychology. June Cessario is a young, newly married, psychologist treating an unusual patient (Theodore Stavos) who claims he is unable to linearly integrate his soul with his body. While his body ages regularly day to day, like the rest of us, Teddy’s conscience (or soul if you will) is not tethered to the same timetable. He may live a day at the age of twelve and then another at 42, “jumping” between the moments of his own life until the last moment at the end of July 2011. However that date is looming closer and in order to save his life he must learn to correct course before it’s too late.

Told through vignettes of recorded appointments, deposition statements and overlapping memories:  time lines indeed begin to jumble.  Story arcs and discoveries emerge out of linearity as June sets about to help Teddy through his journey only to be caught up questioning her own choices and whether to believe her patient is crazy, deceitful or what he claims to be.

 Absolutely fascinating. The most compelling part of this play is the not the illness itself, but the questioning of its existence. There are many therapists that refuse to work with certain patients because they do not believe in their disorder (DID) or they do not want to work with that disorder (BPD.) While this particular disorder, acute time displacement, is beyond our understanding, it draws from what people with PTSD experience in their flashbacks. It also questions regulations in psychiatric practices. June is a particularly strong role for women, persevering through several stumbling blocks. ”  – Ann Marley  (NPX review)


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