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Why is art, after all?  What are we celebrating, what are we looking for, and what are we hiding from?

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1 set
2 acts

“Every once in a while something magical happens. You attend the theatre making presumptions about what you are about to watch and literally get blown away by the story you are told.

The story opens with Brian rehearsing his part in the upcoming production of Hamlet. He is trying to get through his monologue “Speak the speech I pray you” but battling with constant interruption from the shows director Lee. This is incredibly humorous to the audience as he shouts out instructions to the clearly overwhelmed actor, getting more and more frustrated with every comment.

The simple set, lighting and minimal cast completely draws the audience in and are very quickly immersed into the story that is unfolding. The play continues along to the same rhythm, with Brian rehearsing his speeches and Lee providing his feedback and wisdom. However we soon learn there is much more to these two people than meets the eye.

Over the course of the show the audience are taken on an incredible journey with these two characters that have been brought together by their love of the theatre. Witnessing them changing and opening up to each other, we learn that they are both using it as a form of escape from their real world problem. As their heartbreaking tales unfold we see behind the cocky actor and washed up director that we met in the first scene.”

–  Ellie Close NorthWest End, Lancaster England

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