MY PERFECT ALIBI is a two act dark comedy that examines how we obsessively live our lives and what can happen when we let those obsessions control us. All in fun it is a wicked romp on getting away with murder.

3f  1m

1 set


DAVE, mid-twenties, pauses his afternoon session of video games to let in GLADYS, also mid-twenties, who, in turn, confronts her problems head on (her problems being Dave himself).  Gladys brandishes a gun showing Dave she means business–which goes off in her hand . . . four times–into Dave.

Facing a new set of issues (namely how to get herself out of the crime scene with an air tight alibi) Gladys enlists the help of her ditzy roommate Meg, because basically she has no where else to turn.

Finger prints, internet alibis, and a nosy neighbor later the two women become maddeningly embroiled into a no way out scenario.  Or are they?



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