crimson 48

1 f,  2 m,  1 set

“The Los Angeles Performance Unit has found a very promising playwright in 24-year-old Michael Perlmutter”

“In his Crimson, Perlmutter has tackled a subject that can only be considered one step beyond Looking For Mr. Goodbar.    His protagonist is the woman who finds a new excitement in her life by engaging in violent sex through physical pain.”

“Perlmutter shows remarkable perception of a young, vital woman breaking out of a safe, secure and insipid relationship with an employed lover who’s fallen into a rut of watchful tv and living the uncolorful homelife.

“A casual sexual contact in a bar results in her being beaten by the man she goes home with and Perlmutter’s development of the woman embracing pain as a sexual outlet is chilling.  Lover’s response to the bruises on her body and the change in their relationship is meticulously limned, showing that the couple has become unable to communicate.

“Perlmutter’s script is a slow-building account of the sow disintegration of a person taking advantage of feminine liberation.  He offers no excuses or justification–he just lets his characters respond to events that arise.”

—  Variety  (July 1, 1983)

     Re-envisioned- with a tightening of cast and 21st century technology CRIMSON is now available for current production.


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