RANDOM ACTS to workshop in Santa Paula

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you know anything about me, I’m unconventional. So, here it is: we’re putting together a workshop production of my play RANDOM ACTS, to give it sea legs or watch it drown. THe play will run from August 9 through August 25, 2013 at the Santa Paula Theatre Center, directed by Tony Stetson and produced by Leslie Nichols and Michael Perlmutter (the playwright). Rehearsals will be held through July following readings and auditions being held in May and June. The cast breakdown is as follows:

(42), blue collar in appearance; non-de-script: could pass for thirty to sixty on any given day.

(Late twenties to mid thirties). A young psychologist. Married, no children.

STAFF – NANCY PARKINS – Staff secretary. (undetermined age)
Dr. 1 / EDWARD HAMMERSTONE (50s – open to discretion)(gender is also open to the right actor)
Dr. 2 / SAMUEL BRIGHTON (40s – open to discretion)
Dr. 3 / MAVIS BEAUCHAMP (40s – open to discretion)
working in the same medical group with June.

June’s husband, a career social worker, (mid thirties).

Teddy’s sister, (38)

We are willing to reconsider age ranges to some extent in favor of talent and chemistry (as well as gender regarding the role of Dr.1)

In response to script requests I have also uploaded the entire first act for your perusal. RANDOM ACTS ACT ONE

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me thru reply on this website http://www.directinghamlet.com

  1. Jon-Paul Baumer says:

    Okay. Let’s say I apply and read for the role of Teddy Stavos. I’m too Irish to play Greek, but maybe I do everything else right, and you can’t do the show without me, so we sign.

    Where the hell do I LIVE while we rehearse and perform? Big question. I’ve been homeless TWICE in my life – once just before CalArts, and then right again afterwards. I do not wish to repeat the experience at age 53, so please – tell me where I’d be staying during pre-production..

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