8 players:

(4-5w / 4-3m), one set

full length


Everyone loves a Whodunit.  Unless, of course, you’re the victim.  

Three Dead Deep is a whodunit, based on a live action rendition of the murder mystery board game we all grew up with, until someone actually dies, and then the real play begins . . . or does it?

Not just a whodunit in the classic Agatha Christie format, Three Dead Deep rips away the layers of ourselves to reveal the choices we make behind the masks we wear.  Although at a passing glance the play may seem a clever set of twists on the play within the play, whodunit plays, board games and our own obsession with entertainment and audience interaction, Three Dead Deep, like Ionesco’s Rhinoceros isn’t really about Rhinos or Peer Gynt’s peeling away at a proverbial onion, is a new play  comedy game event murder by Michael Perlmutter that dares to ask the question, “Can somebody figure out the killer before it’s too late or at least tell me what the hell is going on?”