2f, 1m, 1 set

We’ve all been there.  You’re running late for work, an important presentation on the on the calendar, your job may very well hang on the line.  If you indeed show up at all: you better have one helluva damned good excuse.  Elaine may have one.  But she may also have lied one too many times in the past for the truth to be able set her free.   And after all, what is free?  And what is the truth?  Severance Play, by Michael Perlmutter, is a comedy about office politics, romance, sales, lies, sex and maybe a little murder.”

JONATHAN                a middle aged executive

A ladies man with a heart to be prince charming to the women in his life, once “saved” he tends to move on to the next damsel in distress; with malice to none he is unaware of his own character flaws. 

 GINNY                        Secretary/Assistant to Jonathan, several years his junior

Jonathan’s most recent rescue.  Ginny works for Jonathan as his secretary/assistant and current girl friend.  She is slightly unaware of her own contribution to enabling Jonathan’s psyche, yeah . . . love kinda does that to you . . . if this was actually love . . .

ELAINE                       Office manager/VP of “stuff”/sales etc.  Jonathan’s right hand—as many years younger than Jonathan as she is older than Ginny.

Elaine is free spirited, and shoots straight from the hip.  She has graduated from being Jonathan’s previous love interest and Good Friday to his “a little more than” equal.   She stays with him out of a mixed sense of obligation and gratitude.

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