If a man prays in the woods and no one sees him . . .

Posted: June 12, 2011 in FIRST PRODUCTION

It had to happen, right?  Two great performances and then . . . our first Sunday matinée . . . well, it woulda been our first matinée but it came down to performing for an empty theatre or go home.  We went home.  Ok, not straight home.  There was a matter of watching the “brake” light come on across my car’s dashboard.  So, I pulled over and voila the car won’t start up again.  GREAT!! Here we are back at car problems, at least there’s not a show waiting to be done, right?  So, pull out my trustee AAA card.  The one we straightened out after the last car fiasco.  WHAT?? I’m not covered for WHAT?? This is unbelievable.  So, we leave the car, parked in front of a mom and pop shop bakery and promise to have it towed tomorrow after I straighten out with Membership Services on their Monday thru Friday hours because NO ONE CAN HELP ME NOW BECAUSE WE’RE LOOKING AT 5:30 ON A SUNDAY EVENING!!!  And other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the show?  Oh, there was no show?  Why not? Nobody showed up?  Then how’d your husband get that hole in the back of his head???!!!  This is the problem with the internet.  You think you’re writing about the rehearsal and performance process of a show to keep as a living memoir and LIFE just keeps getting in the way.  Kinda like what our show’s about, hunh?  Good segue: see the show–it’s worth it.


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